book The last Permonic (Tereza Oľhová a Eva Škandíková)

An illustrated children's book about the last living Permoník, who was left completely alone after the massive gold mining under Kremnica. He lives in his small room in the tunnel, his ears hurt, he wanders the underground corridors, and sometimes he secretly walks into someone's house and reads the daily press. It is only thanks to eight-year-old Adam that he dares to go out among the people after 500 years. He is surprised to find that instead of medieval torture chambers, the town has shops, a barber shop and a fitness center, and is completely enchanted by current inventions such as street lighting, football or desserts. Maybe thanks to them, he will start to like people a little bit.

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Author: Tereza Oľhová and Eva Škandíková

Published by Brak

Year of issue 2020

Designer Martina Rozinajová and Mária Rojko

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