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the book In the kitchen of...

the book In the kitchen of a Kremnica miner (Daniela Bednářová)

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The unique library will introduce you to good Kremnica cuisine in a broader sense, acquainting with its history from the middle of the 19th century. cycle of holidays and associated home ceremonies, acquaints with the most important foods and delicacies, reveals valuable advice and tips for preparing delicious mining specialties and serves a selected...

book The last Permonic...

book The last Permonic (Tereza Oľhová a Eva Škandíková)

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An illustrated children's book about the last living Permoník, who was left completely alone after the massive gold mining under Kremnica. He lives in his small room in the tunnel, his ears hurt, he wanders the underground corridors, and sometimes he secretly walks into someone's house and reads the daily press. It is only thanks to eight-year-old Adam...

CD My song CD My song

CD My song

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The CD My Song presents two young performers of folk songs - Lenka Filipová and Petra Vraňáková. Each from a different corner of Slovakia - from Záhorie and Orava, which are closely connected with their home region. They met while collaborating in the art ensemble Lúčnica. In r. In 2009 they founded the singing group Hrdličky, a year later the civic...