mamka Mara

The author's doll Mama Mara has a hand-painted face and a baby in a practical bag with her at all times. It is suitable as a decoration, a gift, and it is also firmly and high-quality sewn and is therefore also suitable for playing.

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The face is painted /textile paint /, the body is soft - filled with polyester fleece /covering in body color and different colors from 100% cotton /.

In the front part, it has an ordinary pocket, in which there is a small baby doll, which can be removed as a separate doll.

The entire mother doll, including the legs, is 30 cm.

The doll's hands are narrow and elongated, so that they can be tied in different ways and can be put on so that the doll, for example, nurtures or holds a small doll.

The doll's hair is firmly fixed in a short hairstyle.

Size: 30cm

Material: 100% cotton

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